Expert Lawn Treatment

Why not let your local business, with its fully licenced green keepers, take care of your lawn all year round?

Our amazing spring feed will have your lawn greening up in no time
Winter is quickly forgotten as your lawn thickens and weeds become a thing of the past
You soon discover your lawn is the envy of the neighbourhood

A slow realise feed is applied, this will keep your lawn thick, lush, and deep green for the next 8- 10 weeks
Any new weeds attempting to spoil the party will be dealt with
Your lawn will be assessed and any advice on extra care or treatments will be given

Another amazing summer feed is applied, keeping your lawn as rich, and as healthy as ever
Weedkiller will be on hand, to deal with any wayward weeds
Advice on how you can get the best from your lawn, (often due to dry weather), is given as always

After this treatment, the moss in your lawn will be looking black, as our treatment dries out the moss, and stops it from growing
We also provide a feed, to keep your lawn at its best, and to prepare it for the coming Winter
Your lawn will again be assessed, and any advice on care or treatments will be given

Hollow Tine Aeration

Our powerful machine is used to punch holes 4-6 inches in to the soil and remove the core or plug. These holes will allow air and nutrients to the root zone as well as relieving any compacted soil. This is also recommended for lawns with moss.


Our professional petrol machines are used to rake out moss and thatch from the lawn keeping moss at bay for another year. Essential for lawns that suffer from moss

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